Hershey's Farm Market, Chester and Lancaster county grown produce, deer processing, dog treats, dutch bakery, homestyle deli, specialty meats, sandwiches, seafood.

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Hershey's Farm Market, Chester and Lancaster county grown produce, deer processing, dog treats, dutch bakery, homestyle deli, specialty meats, sandwiches, seafood.
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Hershey's Farm Market   :   Wide Variety Of Exotic Meats
Durham Ranch Exotic Meats

Look no further! Here at Hershey's Farm Market we have a wide variety of exotic meats most of which are highly nutritious! Ask us about many other very unusual meats which can be special ordered for you.

What things taste like: Exotic Meats Taste.

Alligators are harvested from the wild once a year in September/October in Louisiana, and year-round in Florida. They are farm raised throughout the year in Louisiana as well. The choicest cut is the tail meat. Leg and body meat is good for jambalayas, soups and stews.

Durham Ranch Wild Boar consume an all natural diet, consisting of mostly acorns and brush. The meat is naturally lean and extremely high in protein. Its sweet, nutty, intense flavor makes Durham Ranch Wild Boar a natural choice for any restaurant looking for something truly unique and unexpected. Durham Ranch Wild Boar is free-range, 100% natural, low in fat and high in protein.

Bison Burger

Bison Burger
Cooked Bison

Cooked Bison
Cooking Bison

Grilled Bison
Greek Bison Burger

Greek Bison Burger
Sage Bison Burger

Sage Bison Burger

The Durham Ranch near Gillette, Wyoming, is a 55,000+ acre bison ranch which has been owned and operated by the Flocchini Family since 1965. Durham Ranch Brand Bison is processed under federal government inspection and adheres to stringent USDA regulations. Bison offers a healthier, more nutrient-rich experience with less fat and fewer calories. The animals are grass-raised and finished with a nutritionally-balanced, all-vegetarian diet consisting of hay forages and grains. We adhere to a strict no hormone or antibiotic growth enhancers policy and all animals are treated humanely. Durham Ranch Bison are all-natural and available in a variety of cuts.

Durham Ranch Elk are either CFIA or USDA inspected. Elk are members of the deer family and North American Elk can grow up to sizes of 500-700lbs. They taste similar to venison, reindeer or antelope. Fresh elk cuts are available in season.

Camel is low in fat and high in moisture content with a taste sweeter than beef. Camel is a product of Australia.

Today over three million wild kangaroos are harvested and the meat is exported to 40 countries each year. Kangaroo meat is extremely healthy. Fat levels of kangaroo meat are typically one percent so the meat must be cooked rare and with care to avoid overcooking.

Our Venison delivers a depth of flavor one expects to find in the finest of beef, a mild yet distinctive flavor that is not gamey. The sweet and rich meat is available in a variety of cuts from racks to striploin. It is a natural choice in creating value on menus. Durham Ranch's strict growing practices provide meat that is extremely nutrient rich. One serving of our venison delivers over 80% of the daily recommended amount of protein for about 180 calories. It's also an excellent source of B vitamins and iron making it a great addition to any health-focused menu.

Quick and Easy Venison Chili

1 lb. ground venison
(brown in 2 T oil if your deer did not get fat added)
1/2 cup chopped onion (optional)
1/4 cup chopped green pepper (optional)

Cook all of above ingredients together, then add:

1) 15 oz. can kidney beans undrained
1) Small can of condensed tomato soup
1) Small jar of your favorite salsa
1 teaspoon chili powder

Just heat and serve! Great for those who are not crazy about game meats!

Bison (buffalo) Meat

Bison (buffalo) Meat

Don't forget to try our delicious lean bison (buffalo) meat. If you like beef, you'll love BISON!
Grab a BISON burger at our take-out!

Hershey's Farm Market   :   Wide Variety Of Exotic Meats